WaterView Community Area History
WaterView Sales Site Plan 2004
WaterView Sales map during the
construction of the community.
Section 2 is highlighted in this
late version of the community.
View of the completed
WaterView Community from
WaterView Community History Page
The WaterView Community was established in late 2002 on the property of the
former Riverdale Village Apartments.

Riverdale Village Apartments were built to support the workforce at Glen L.
Martins Company during World War II. During the late 1990s the complex
became the site of a battle between Baltimore County Government and the
property owner (who lived in Florida) over HUD funding abuse, failure to
maintain the property, property taxes and a debt to Baltimore Gas and Electric
Co. In 1999 Baltimore County was able to obtain rights to the property with the
help of the HUD. From here it was determining what the future would hold.
Several plans arose and a developer was chosen to create the new WaterView
Several articles are available on the history of the old Riverdale Village and the
problems that led to the changeover to Waterview.

Riverdale demolition to begin

HUD takes control of Riverdale Village

Articles from The Sunpapers

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Riverdale Village
Riverdale Village
Riverdale Village Mid 1990s
Riverdale site after demolition 2001
Riverdale site after demolition 2001
WaterView Community at the start of
construction 2002
WaterView Community January 2005
WaterView Community October 2006
WaterView Community 2010
WaterView Community 2015