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President's Report
This year has been active for the Home Owner's Association.  In addition to the
regular activity such as grass cutting, and snow removal, we have taken on a few
more activities to help to enhance the overall appearance of the community.

We installed solar powered sidewalk lights along the walkway to the shopping
center this past spring. While they look and work great, we have had some
damage. On pole has been broken down twice, the last time requiring a
replacement. If you see anyone fooling around the lights, please call the police.

During the summer a tour of the community was conducted with the community
management representative. This was to look for and report on architectural
issues. Many homeowners have received letters requesting that they repair or
replace things that were in violation. This is done annually to help keep up the
appearance of the homes in the community. In the long run it helps everyone by
keeping the real estate values up.

We recently had our landscapers do a tree inspection throughout the
neighborhood. Many trees were trimmed back and two large trees were removed
due to dying and dangerous conditions.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please let us know. We are here for
the community.
Vice-President's Report
Architectural Review
Covenant Committee
Landscape / Grounds
Neighborhood Watch
This committee is
responsible to review
requests for architectural
This committee is
responsible to review
complaints about
possible violations of
HOA guidelines.
This committee is
responsible to oversee the
common area grounds.
Oversees the NW
program in association
with the BCoPD.
Hobby & Recreation Group
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