Entrance to the WaterView
Community, Essex, Maryland.
It's Halloween time. Be careful of
young children running around,
especially on October 31st.
It is Autumn again. Winter will be here soon. Outside work
will be undertaken by many homeowners during this time
of year. Follow the guidelines below if you plan to do
exterior work to your home or property:
  • Check the HOA guidelines for applicable rules and
    regulations PRIOR to having the work done.
  • Apply for HOA approval allowing around 20 days for
    approval process. Most take less than that.
  • Obtain any permits from Baltimore County as required.
  • Remember, getting a permit from the County does
    not automatically mean HOA approval will follow. If
    the work does not meet HOA guidelines it will not
    be approved. Check first.
WaterView Home Owners Association
Community Information
Since March 23, 2007
Where are we located?

Waterview Community Map
Please be mindful of activity in and
around the neighborhood. We have
had a couple of reported thefts from
yards, including holiday decorations,
We are looking into a new
Neighborhood Watch / Citizens on
Patrol group. We need someone to
head this up. Interested? Please let
us know.
Updated: October 19, 2017
Community Meeting: Updated
The HOA meeting was held on October 18,
. All HOA Board members were present
along with representative from Tidewater.
The turnout was very light. We discussed the
current and proposed budget for next year.
Many items were noted.  Check the "About
Us" page soon for posted updates.
Many residents have received letters about
repairs to their homes. Please take care of
these repairs in a timely manner. If there are
extenuating circumstances that will cause a
delay, please contact Tidewater
Management so that we can discuss these
If you have any information or activity you would like to pass on to the
community, please send us a message using the form in this site. We will
gladly pass on information that will benefit residents.